Your new mini PC - Station P2 Geek PC


Station P2 Mini Geek Computer is a new product of Firefly. It is on Indiegogo now. Back it with a very

good price at once!

Indiegogo crowdfunding link:

About Station P2
Station P2 is a featured-rich Android 11/Ubuntu mini computer based on Rockchip RK3568 processor with

up to 8G RAM. M.2 and SATA3.0 interfaces enable expansion with large hard drives. Providing dual

Gigabit Ethernet ports, P2 supports WiFi 6. Control Port can be connected with RS485/RS232 devices. 4K

video output is supported via HDMI 2.0. Various systems and boot ways are supported — with the

dedicated application programs and forums, geek fun is endless.

About Us
Firefly is an open-source team established by T-Chip Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., with more than

10 years of scientific and technological product research and development capabilities, focusing on the

research and development of open source smart hardware, AI, IoT, and digital audio products.

More information on our websites:

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