Principal Solar has a comprehensive business model for oil recovery by exploiting idle/abandoned and undervalued oil wells. Although fossil fuel as commodity, the method of extraction places this in a clean energy thesis.

Principal Solar, which has developed a global patented technology poised to disrupt the oil extraction industry. Their technology (TORS) enables long-dormant resources to become viable again. Essentially, removing dirty, expensive and inefficient workaround technologies that will eventually, fade away.

Business Model Attributes:
Eco-friendly/Self-contained/Market Disruptive
Tors lifts only oil, leaving virtually all contaminated water in the ground
Low-powered, self-contained system
Requires no power lines or other infrastructure
An injection or above ground separation system
No risk of surface spill
Prototype currently in operation lifting oil from water-logged wells
Delivers exponentially lower lifting costs
Compact and easy to set up/remove
Turns non-producing stripper wells into revenue
Online portal shows realtime results and activity
Telemetry Networked Anti-Theft/Anti-Tamper System
Net revenue share from extracted oil
Each unit can extract up to 20 BOP/day from dormant/abandoned wells

End Result:
Easy to install/operates with low power requirements and can be powered by a solar panel; within 20 minutes of activation, oil is recovered with very low extraction costs.Their model acquires and operates new oil leases and enters into Joint Ventures with current lease owners to operate the wells and record and share in the Net Revenue Interests (NRI) of the oil lease.
Principal Solar is seeking to augment shareholder base.

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