Stalls & Objections Short-Course L.E.A.D

Stalls & Objections Short-Course

65 Brilliant Answers for $60

You can't prevent people from asking questions, stalling, or objecting.
But, You Can Be Prepared.

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A P R -- Automatic Prepared Response

Be Prepared: Memorize an Automatic Prepared Response (APR) for every objection.

Less than $1 each.

It is a fact: most real estate agents lose at least one listing (and the resulting commission) every

month due to lack of having memorized perfect responses for stalls and objections.
Multiply your average listing commission by 12 to see how much you are losing every year for lack of

Automatic Prepared Responses.

Title: Stalls & Objections – Short Course
Duration: Three 90 minute days –
Dates: April 27, 28, & 29, 2021
Times; 9 am PST – 12 Noon EST. Each session 90 minutes + Q&A
Investment: 65 proven responses for $60.00 -less than $1.00 each.

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