RE: Are these 4 myths killing your stamina in bed?


Are you super short of stamina in bed? Are you overwhelmed with the prospect of having LESS than stellar sex for the rest of your life?

Being a guy frustrated by the problem of premature ejaculation is bad enough, but it's made a lot worse by the myriad of myths, misconceptions and lies that surround this subject.

These myths can cloud the issue and make it so much harder for you to overcome your endurance shortcoming and carve out a new, more confident and longer-lasting sexual performance.

To get the straight scoop on how you can enjoy sex that REALLY lasts,


Let's put some of the common myths, exaggerations and outright lies about premature ejaculation to bed once and for all!

Myth #1 - Premature ejaculation is a sexual disease that has no cure

Although PE can be clinically diagnosed as a sexual ailment, it is in no way a disease or a form of illness. There are many causes of premature ejaculation, but the key ones are more adequately labeled as psychological or mental issues.

In fact, with the proper conditioning and re-education, you can easily reverse and "unlearn" a lifetime of ejaculation problems that stem from early years when you first discovered your own sexuality.

Myth #2 - If you ejaculate within 2 minutes, you have premature ejaculation

This is really subjective. You see, men can be classified as premature ejaculators if they consistently cannot last more than 2 minutes during sex. But if you can bring your woman to an orgasm in less than 2 minutes, then you are really not suffering from PE!

It all depends on whether your woman is fulfilled during lovemaking. If she's truly satisfied even in a rapid sex session, you are way ahead of most men in your sexual performance!

Myth #3 - You can use "distraction techniques" to last longer in bed

Well, yes and no. Some men find that thinking of something other than sex can prevent them from getting aroused too soon. But this is not an ideal solution as it distracts you from actually enjoying sex.

Here's a much better way:


Truth is, with some practice, you can experience the full splendor of lovemaking and attain great control over your ejaculation at the same time - without thinking about baseball statistics... or her grandmother!

Myth #4 - Pills are the best way to treat early ejaculation issues

Although some pills claim to add hours to your sexual endurance, there is no hard evidence to back this up. In fact there is no FDA-regulated medication or drug on the market that is proven to boost your stamina on bed. Plus, pills are not long-term solutions to fix PE and can be a huge financial drain on your pockets to boot!

So what is the BEST way to fix PE?

Honestly? Every guy is different... and some preventive cures work better on some men than others. If your PE stems from a mental issue, you may want to try cognitive exercises. A physical problem? Often these can be fixed very quickly by practicing specific exercises. And some PE problems can actually be solved by having MORE sex! And others... require a little bit of extra effort in OTHER areas altogether.

The bottom line is....

PE does NOT need become a permanent fixture in your sex life. As a matter of fact, the FASTER you fix it... the happier you are going to be (and your partner too!)

And like what thousands of men have found out, THIS could completely turn your sex life around and reverse a lifetime of embarrassment:


Talk soon,

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