Make $500 Per Day

How To Make $500 Per Day with ForsageTron!!!


Step 1) To get started with ForsageTron if you have a Android or iPhone device go to your App Store or Play Store and download "klever Wallet" if you have a Computer or Laptop download "Tronlink" when you download your wallet make sure when you create your account you write down your 12 seed words and take a screenshot of them and put them up somewhere safe.

Step 2) After your wallet is set up watch this video that shows you how you can send "Ethereum or Bitcoin" to your Tron Wallet and swap it out for TRX (Troncoin) to get started. Watch the video here

How To Register On ForsageTron
Once your wallet is funded with TRX you will have to copy this link:

And write down ID number " 78105 "

Follow the steps in the video below to register:

Once you confirm your payment you will be taken to your back office. Your referral link will be under "Affiliate Link" also make sure to write down your ID number.

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